Getting to know Jennifer Burkett

Jennifer commenced her real estate career in 2017 after 15 years doing massage therapy in Bend, Oregon. Harcourts The Garner Group appealed to her for its teamwork, support and global presence that will offer both her buyers and sellers more opportunities. As an added bonus, the Bend headquarters is located a few blocks away from where she has lived in Northwest Crossing since 2004. As a real estate broker and massage therapist, Jennifer knows how to make clients feel comfortable. You can trust that she will have your best interest in mind when it comes to buying or selling of your home. When she is not working, you will find Jennifer skate skiing on the Nordic trails, snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor in the winter or mountain biking in the summer.


My secret talent is:
Getting people to tell me their secrets!

Favorite Phrase:
Live each day like there is no tomorrow

What is something very few people know about you?
I studied Chinese and taught English for a year in China

I’m obsessed with…
I’m obsessed with the way dishes are placed in my dishwasher

Favorite childhood book?
I enjoyed reading Clan of the Cave Bear series

Don’t tell anyone, but ___________________ always makes me cry.
The music from A Star is Born always makes me cry

What is your favorite Central Oregon activity?
Only one?? Snowboarding and mountain biking

Favorite movie quote?
“Frankly Dear, I don’t give a damn”

If you had a superpower what would it be?
To be a time traveler and be able to go back in time

Do you have any secret vices?
If I told you my secret vices, they wouldn’t be a secret anymore

Have you ever had a dream come true?
Being able to move to Bend 18 years ago was a dream come true

Most embarrassing moment?
Sitting on a wad of gum wearing my white pants in band class in HS

What is one talent you possess that blows people away:
I can juggle.

What is the one thing you couldn’t do without?

Name something you’d like to invent.
A way to move people that would not require a motor.

Favorite word?

Biggest regret in life, so far?
Not starting real estate sooner!

Something very few people know about me:
I used to hitchhike in College. (don’t tell my mother)

When was the exact moment you knew you were a nerd?
I am not a nerd…probably more like a hippie.

Claim to fame…
Singing to music in my car.

Favorite movie…
The Greatest Showman

Favorite food…
Ethiopian cuisine

If reincarnated what would you come back as?
I would come back as a dolphin.

If I could have one special talent it would be?
Speak a 2nd language fluently

Spoken Languages: English